Thursday, May 24, 2007

When to Eat Rotten Meat

Rotten meat makes a healthy buzzard. It's
part of the Grand Design.

But rotten meat can also make a healthy human.

Before you gag, no, I'm not recommending it.
Rotten meat is not on the Caveman Cuisine

But there's at least one person who says he
owes his life to rotten meat.

Or at least the critters that live in it.

Believe it or Not. (As my Uncle used to say
I'll 'not' that one)

And I wouldn't believe it either, if I hadn't
seen it with my own eyes. On Ripley's
Believe It or Not, they featured a guy who
had cancer (lymphoma), who read that the
bacteria and other parasites in rotten meat
would help his immune system eat away/clean
away all the cancerous unhealthy tissue.

So, he started eating spoiled meat and he's
living a long and healthy life now.

It worked for him, and whether it was the
bugs or the placebo effect, he's cancer-free.

If it were me, I'd have stopped eating it once
I was better...but he seems to have developed a
taste for it (that taste is called 'yuck') and
keeps an unplugged refrigerator full of rotting
meat--aged to perfection, at least 18 months.

Raw? Sure. I've got at least one 'raw
food-ist' in the Club, and my wife and
I enjoy sushi and medium-rare steaks.

But rotten? no, thank you.

Meat is definitely part of the Caveman
Cuisine plan; how you cook it or don't
cook it is up to you. Eating the way you're
created to eat is the key to your health and

Live like you Mean it...fresh, frozen
or fomented

Dr. Vince

PS The best part of Caveman Cuisine is that
it's flexible. It can be modified to any taste
or temperament, or any cooking ability, non-ability
or laziness factor.

If you can get your hand to your mouth, you
can do it...and get healthy again.

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